The Medichost Financial is an enterprise financial solution developed for hospital accounting. It is an integrated solution bringing together all the financial transactions taking place within your hospitals into one central interface. Our solution will manage all the branches of your hospital with standard and best practice. It is designed to make management easier and produce financial accurate reports for decision makers. It is designed with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) paradigm at its core.

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Medichost Financial technically would be a Cloud/Intranet based solution. It has been customized to suit your hospitals operation workflow and best practices

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For patient encounter with consultant and doctors, Medichost ensures that the diagnosis and other consulting parameters are recorded into the patient case files.

Specialist Clinics management

Medichost provides interface for Patient Encounters for specialist,appointment booking, Diagnosis notes.

Medical Laboratory & Radiology Management

Laboratory activities such as Test invoicing and billing, Lab Analysis, Automatic Lab Reports, Integration with Lab Equipment. DICOM protocols and images are also managed.

HMO Billing and Invoicing

Accurate tracking and creation of bills for both individual and corporate bodies are embedded into Medichost. Pro forma invoicing and Referral billing are also included. Bills can be sent to HMO’s email.

Pharmacy Management


Compliance with standards


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ERP Solutions

An ERP is a solution that is designed to manage an organization. It is an integrated solution bringing together all units of activities within your hospital. Our solution will manage your hospital as a standard organization with best practice. It is designed to make management easier and produce accurate reports for decision makers.

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Human Resources Management

Analytics tools

The HR modules provide workforce planning with easy visibility into general staffing, retention, contingent labor usage, organogram, and improved workforce performance by focusing on internal mobility and talent development.
The payroll is automatic and captures all deduction, taxes, allowances and so on. The payroll integrates and upon commitment generates entries for posting into the General Ledger

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    Medichost also monitor and manage benefits and will provide flexible reporting on all aspects of employee benefits and status, retirement, disabled employee benefits, length of benefit/time used, reason, tuition reimbursements, medical plan return to work dates, cause for separation, etc.

  • Some of the Human Resources functionalities includes:

    Staff Onboarding (Recruitment), Leave management, Loans management, Payroll and Compensation, Benefits management, Performance Appraisal, Attendance management, Company Structure, Financial Schemes, Talent Management, Reprimands, Self Service Portal, Remittance Integration, Website Integration

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Medichhost is available both as a Software and a Mobile App.


Medichhost Mobile App


Medichost Software

Medichost Software


Medichost Login Page

This is Medichost login Page whereuser can have access to their page

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Medichost Dashboard

After suceessfully logged in to the Software, the dashboard will display where you can see diffrent modules.

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Chart of Account

This display where you can add new account

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Jornal Entries

Ater entry your jornal to human resources you can save and print out your details

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Automated batch Payroll

It can also receive payroll information from third party application and translate them into the relevant financial journal entries.

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Purchase order for inventory

The ERP will generate various reports to help provide Business intelligence for decision making.

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